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Located in the southeast of China, Jiangxi province spans the banks of the Yangtze river in the north into hillier areas in the south. For the world traveller, this is a perfect place to visit in China, as most foreigners in China visit other, better known provinces. During our visit, this ‘road less travelled’ offered us less of the crowds that are found in the other popular Chinese destinations.   (More)


Tetsuro Koyano’s great-grandfather was a renowned sword master. Five years ago Koyano decided to turn emotion and passion into reality and accomplishment, by starting a collection of historic Samurai armour, helmets, guns and swords. In 2015 he opened the Samurai Museum in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo to allow visitors to get up close and personal with the world of the samurai, and for the action-oriented, the opportunity to practice stances, glares, threats and thrusts (using wooden swords) alongside the resident sword master.   (More)


Despite its population of 1.4 million, Munich (or “München,” as it’s called in German) feels small. This big-city elegance is possible, in part, because of its determination to be pedestrian- and bike-friendly, and because of a law that no building can be taller than its church spires. There’s ongoing debate about changing this policy, but there are still no skyscrapers in downtown Munich.   (More)


Egypt has been steeped into history for the longest time. Because there has been a lot of interest in Egypt’s history, historians coined the term “Egyptology,” which is the study of pharaonic Egypt. Egyptology spanned the period between c. 4500 BCE and CE 641. How did Egyptology begin? Scholars going with Napoleon Bonaparte’s invasion of Egypt published the Description de l’Égypte (1809–1828); this publication made huge quantities of source materials about ancient Egypt available for Europeans.    (More)  


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As a Canadian World Traveller, spring has become a favorite time for travelling abroad, particularly the month of May! Most Canadians are itching for some new adventures after a long winter, and travelling to Europe is often a top choice. Our plans this year were to travel to France, and with so many great French destinations to choose from, we finally decided on the regions of Rhone-Alps and Provence. For us, there is no better way to experience some of the best there is than on a Rhone river cruise.  (More)


From cool and unlikely concept yachts to tabloid-worthy celebrity yachts, we’re fascinated with these worlds on water. And yet, you no longer have to be rich and famous to enjoy one. Whether it's a boutique yachting experience that catches your eye, or extreme adventure that you're after, the latest launches prove there's something for everyone.  (More)


I am on the Crystal Symphony luxury cruise liner in search of Italian treasures as we cruise past a myriad of coves and inlets along Italy’s west coast. (More)


How can travelers leisurely explore several countries and discover multiple cultures in a matter of days? The answer is sailing on an iconic river aboard a river cruise. According to Cruise Lines International Association's (CLIA) 2016 State of the Cruise Industry Outlook, the demand for the river cruise experience is at an all-time high; as of 2015, there were 169 river CLIA member cruise ships* on the water.   (More)


Most of us know China for its great landscapes, numerous bodies of water, architecture, and history. But do we know about the lesser familiar attractions? Perhaps one of the lesser familiar attractions is the maritime Silk Road, located in the country’s southeastern coastal areas, making connections with neighbouring countries.    (More)


In the ‘Around The World’ section we visit Natchez, Mississippi, 'Travel Back in Time on Luxury Historic Train Rides', view China Tourism's 'New Brand Logo', participate on 'New Active Adventures' with G Adventures and find 'Eight Places To Visit Before They Change Forever' with Contiki Tours.  (More) 


Evian-les-Bains, also known as just Evian, is most famous for the curative property of the waters and the bottled water it exports around the world. But the area offers more than a drink, as it is filled with enough history, luxury and Haut-couture to captivate any world traveller. Modern facilities are placed side by side with hundred year-old buildings, creating a wonderful mix to enjoy.   (More)


The famous Las Vegas Strip is probably the last place you’d expect to find an eco-park but then again, when it comes to this city you never know what to expect. So on a recent visit I wasn’t all that surprised to find a brand new green oasis, I was however surprised at the gigantic sculpture that punctuates it!   (More)


Now that we Canadians are finally getting our fair share of warm weather during our criminally short summer, one might think that it’s not the time to head to tropical climes. But there are some very good reasons to do so.  (More)


If you want to worry less and feel good, take a hike. Studies have proven that simply taking a walk in nature produces brain waves similar to those that occur in meditation and significantly reduces stress, boosts immune function and improves memory and mental ability.   (More)


We’ve asked our globetrotting contributors what they must have when on the go; here are a few of their suggestions…   (More)


I was so looking forward to this trip. Who wouldn’t want to go to a town so famed for its relaxing thermal mineral waters that it is named Hot Springs? But I was surprised by how much more Hot Springs has to offer.  (More)


Placed in the heart of America, Nebraska has boundless grasslands, which is used for the major industries of the state, beef, pork, corn and soybeans. Farming and ranching engage most of the some 2 million residents, but there are many other reasons to visit this Great Plains state.   (More)


Luxury Hotels...Grand Resorts...Charming B&B...Opulent Villas...               Quaint Country Inns...Luxary Safari Camps...Ecolodges...Ice Hotels...           Cave Hotels...Treetop Hotels     (More)


The heat of the sun as we landed would be a preview of the warmth we would get from the staff at the Tongsai Bay Resort. Comfort and pleasure is the name of the game, and upon arrival at the Koh Samui airport, a staff member was there to welcome us and chauffeur us to the resort.  (More)


On July 31st, 2015, divers struck gold when they found 4.5 million dollars’ worth of Spanish coins off the coast of Vero Beach, 170 miles southeast of Orlando. It’s just a fraction of the loot that was lost when 11 ships laden with jewelry and precious metals capsized during a hurricane in 1715, exactly 300 years earlier, on their return to Spain.  (More)


A favorite of world travellers, Lufthansa is constantly pushing the limits of comfort, style and technology.    (More)