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A first impression always lasts, especially when it comes to a vacation experience in Palm Beach, Florida. There is no better way to embrace this classic destination by staying at The Breakers, a legendary hotel that has never wavered from offering the best accommodations around. Situated on the flawless coastline, its endless amenities and attention to detail are what makes this fabulous establishment trump all others.   (More)


Sometimes you are allowed a glimpse of paradise, a taste of bliss; Club Med Sandpiper is one of those times! Being the only Club Med in North America, this is not your usual all-inclusive. It is a one-of-a-kind experience for the entire family filled with plenty of activities, excellent food and nightly entertainment in a self-contained and environmentally conscious village.  (More)


Loving the French countryside, the drive through Savoie and into the village of Valmorel was a real pleasure. The scenery was filled with all the things that make France so special, including the town of Le Bourg, a tiny village with boutiques, bistros, cafes, ski stores, specialty Savoie food shops, hotels and ski lifts up to the countless ski hills in the Grand Domaine region.   (More)


When it comes to day-dreaming about the ultimate vacation, an African wildlife safari is right up there on most travellers’ hit-lists. The allure of big cats and other amazing animals, breath-taking scenery and colourful tribes has captured our imaginations for well-over 100 years and it has never been easier to travel to, and around, Africa.   (More)


Palau is an outdoor wonderland filled with activities, adventure and culture. The best way to sum up the natural assets of this Micronesian paradise is an “alphabet soup” of options, as per the following...  (More)


Driving through Bangkok's mind-boggling traffic with its pollution and noise, one would not dream that hidden amid this nerve-racking congestion a visitor can find some of the most attractive structures in the world. The mass of modern edifices and the always vehicle-clogged streets give no indication that exquisite palaces and ornate temples are to be found in their midst.   (More)


As a vacation destination, New Zealand is known for its breathtaking landscapes and incredible outdoor activities – such as kayaking with wild dolphins in Nelson, sailing on an America’s Cup yacht in Auckland and scuba diving in the Poor Knights Islands. And you can’t forget the exceptional wine experiences available – from staying at vineyards to the Classic Wine Trail that runs through both the North Island and South Island. (Thankfully, Kiwis share their wine with the world and we can enjoy it at home too.) However, New Zealand is also full of unexpected treasures known only to locals (or very lucky visitors who happen upon them by accident). We’ve lifted the lid on some of these amazing places and things to do. Shh… keep them to yourself.   (More)


The Mile High City will host a dazzling array of international art shows, one-of-a-kind exhibits and premiere sporting events in 2014, including a worldwide exclusive showing of Cartier jewels, the largest exhibit of Maya artifacts in American history and the World Lacrosse Championships. Here are ten exciting reasons to visit Denver in 2014....   (More)


When owner and President Mikael Krafft founded Star Clippers in 1989, he fulfilled his lifelong dream of reviving the golden age of tall ships for new generations of travellers and adventurers to enjoy.    (More)


Impossible, I thought! It can't be done, I chuckled to myself as I packed for my trip to Peru. This is a job for NASA; they are the experts at packing light and for different conditions. How else was I to pack clothes for visiting three different climatic regions in the same week?   (More)


I can't believe it! Everything is so modern, yet it looks ancient!” My daughter Muna remarked as we drove through the city of Muscat, Oman’s capital. Her words had merit. The mythical home of ‘Sindbad the Sailor’ and the legendary source of frankincense and myrrh, Oman is today an ancient land enwrapped in the aura of our 21st century.      (More)


"Why, Sir, you find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life, for there is in London, all that life can afford."       Samuel Johnson    (More)