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   Fall 2018 Issue  

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There is ancient Athens, there are the grand Greek Islands, the main land doorway to Europe and then there is something very special – the Peloponnese.     (More)


Born and Raised is one of San Diego’s top ‘wish list’ steak houses. During a talk with Thomas, the General Manager, he became the quintessential philosopher-restauranteur after I commented on the effectiveness of the dimmed lights...    (More)


Truth be told, my recent whirlwind trip through Taiwan was an extremely over ambitious itinerary, there were just too many spots that deserved far more time to truly enjoy. But it did give me a kaleidoscopic overview of what this fascinating region has to offer, and a brief glimpse into their complex culture.  (More)


To celebrate this "year of Canada/China tourism", we have put together a quick sampling of our travels along the Maritime Silk Road, the oldest marine route known to humankind. It was used to help foster trade and cultural communication between ancient China and the rest of the world.     (More)  


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Let’s start with what went wrong on our Viking Ocean Cruise ‘Into the Midnight Sun’ through Norway, Scotland and England. Umm…..well let’s see…thinking this through (this and that, that and this) oh well, nothing on this front. It was smooth sailing for two wonderful weeks, and the waters were calm too.  (More)


“Look for octopus that is pale and tender to the touch,” says Executive Chef Tricu as he holds up a tangle of pulpo (octopus), its tentacles glistening in the sunlight.     (More)


I had a wondrous opportunity to experience the Crown Princess while adventuring through the Western Mediterranean. The 10-day itinerary was an absolute dream: Rome, picturesque Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece and France, culminating in Barcelona, Spain.  (More)


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This would be my forth trip to London and I haven’t even scratched the surface of all the things I want to see and do. There are always my favourites that I must return to, and then there is a list as long as my arm of the new places and attractions I want to visit.   (More)


Surrounded by water on three sides and nestled alongside the Coast Mountain Range, Vancouver is Western Canada’s largest metropolitan area with so much to offer in terms of natural beauty, attractions, beaches, five star accommodations and culinary delight.   (More)


Mexico City is propitiously located in one of the most densely populated and diverse regions in the country. From the capital, you’re within a few hours of impressive ancient ruins, snowcapped volcanoes, enchanting small towns, and bustling colonial-era cities. With efficient buses and well-maintained highways radiating out from the city in every direction, it’s easy to plan a change of scenery.    (More)


I am a snorkeling fool. I love getting under the waves to find my fishy friends wherever I travel, and though I’ve had some weird snorkel experiences over the years, this one at Chimei Island in Taiwan was one for the books.  (More)


Anndore House & Hotel X, Toronto - The Fairmont YVR - Hotel Indigo, London Puntacana Resort & Club, DR - The Holiday Inn Canmore, Alberta                        The Holiday Inn Express Golden - Kicking Horse, BC                                             Vivo Resorts & Residences, Mexico


I’d been meaning to get to Puerto Escondido- an under-the radar fishing town in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico on the Pacific Coast for some time. Puerto Escondido means hidden port, and it certainly is not on the mainstream tourism radar.    (More) 


Just after we arrived at Kurtz Corral in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, about one hour west of Green Bay, we watched a short video on human-horse relationship building. I would later discover that Pokey had some very different ideas. The video instructed us to use our hands to grip the reins and direct the horse to the right and the left.   (More) 


Although I have been to almost 100 foreign countries, the number of states that I ventured in my own home country barely reaches double digits. So, I decided to retire my passport for a while and explore the splendor of my own backyard. Below are the highlights of my travels, which particularly opened my eyes to the bucolic magnificence of the United States.     (More) 


   Summer 2018 Issue  

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It is easy to love this beautiful city by the sea. Sunny hot days, wonderful cuisine, Caribbean beaches, an exceptional colonial walled city, welcoming people and the list goes on. It was love at first sight and the romance with Cartagena kept on going.     (More)


“Does Old Beijing still exist?” I thought to myself as our taxi sped between towering skyscrapers on the way to our hotel. The efficient and modern spic and span Beijing Airport through which we had just passed, the wide impressive roadways and the modern skyscrapers all around us indicated a 21st century city with no signs of the past.    (More)


Long before I heard the catchphrase bucket list, I dreamt of going on safari. I’d imagine myself driving through the African plains in an open-air jeep, photographing lions, outfitted like Meryl Streep in the movie Out of Africa. Later Robert Redford would shampoo my hair while quoting poetry… (Okay, I digress.)  (More)


Zakynthos has gained notoriety in recent years and is beginning to top travellers’ wish lists across the globe - and for good reason. Off the eastern part of the Ionian sea, Zakynthos finds itself well positioned to accommodate all globetrotters wishing to take in Greece’s beauty and many wonders.    (More)  


AmaWaterways  Avalon  Azamara  Carnival  Celebrity  Costa  Crystal  Cunard  Disney  Holland-America  Hurtigruten  MSC  Norwegian  Oceania  Ponant  Princess  Regent  Royal-Caribbean  Scenic  Seabourn  SeaDream  Silversea  Star-Clippers  Uniworld  Viking  Windstar       (More)


With a steady increase in holidaymakers opting to cruise the high seas (a projected 27.2 million in 2018 according to data generated by Cruise Line International Association, the cruise lines are paying attention. Launching evermore luxurious liners to satisfy even the most discerning of tastes, these behemoths of the sea provide multi-generational entertainment, luxury and a once-in-a-lifetime experience as they sail the four corners of the globe.   (More)


Few moments in life prove more blissful thank sitting dozens of meres high the edge of an off-white length in Santorini, nursing a crisp Greek wine, belly full from souvlaki and olives (of course!), as you watch the colors of the sky melt into the Mediterranean below. Yes, this may seem like a scene setting for the climax of a cheesy romantic movie. But, indeed, it was my reality during my recent overnight in Santorini, Greece as part of my seven-day journey on the Celestyal Crystal through Greece and Turkey.    (More)


In every direction, there is a gallery of icebergs, frozen freshwater sculptures that floated away from a parent glacier hundreds of thousands of years old. I feel like a great polar explorer. The front of my kayak carves through the glistening “frazzle” –a thin layer of sea ice that coated these Arctic waters overnight.   (More)


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Egypt has been steeped into history for the longest time. Because there has been a lot of interest in Egypt’s history, historians coined the term “Egyptology,” which is the study of pharaonic Egypt. Egyptology spanned the period between c. 4500 BCE and CE 641.   (More)


Dominicans are one tough people! They showed an incredible resilience in the face of the worst disaster to ever hit this island nation. This I can say after a trip that showed how the recovery from Hurricane Maria was taking shape right before us.   (More)


You’ll find the most colorful swath of open road in America along its western coast. The Pacific Coast Highway is 1,700 miles framed by golden sands and turquoise waters, bordered by emeralds rainforests and basalt rock formations, and capped off with kaleidoscopic sunsets and indigo night skies. Get ready for the wide variety of West Coast beaches on an unforgettable road trip.    (More)


Belize has been on my bucket list for a long time, so I jumped at the chance to visit a brand new resort hotel development there recently called Mahogany Bay Village- a Curio Collection by Hilton- it’s the newest destination within a destination complex to be built on Ambergris Cay- Belize’s most touristic island.  (More)


I am a tad white-knuckled as our tiny Winair prop plane readies for landing after its ten- minute flight from St. Maarten. The apprehension comes from the knowledge that at a mere 1,300 feet, the runway at Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport is one of the shortest on the planet, and it abruptly ends on a cliff perched over the sea!   (More)


Safari Lodge, South Africa - New China Hotels - Diplomat, Hollywood, FL           Puntacana Resort & Club, DR - Fairmont Banff Springs                                    Oceanz Aruba - Presidente IHG Cancun & Presidente IHG Cozumel


With multiple direct flights per day from both the United States and Canada, the Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic allows seamless access to your dream paradise getaway; a mere number of hours transports you to a world of color, of hospitality and of superior hotels, among natural wonder and enriched by fascinating culture.   (More) 


You can spend an eternity in Malawi and not discover it all. Though it may be small in physical size, this southern African is a fascinating country that is just as culturally diverse as it is geographically diverse. Amidst a mountainous landscape and verdant scenery lies Africa’s third-largest lake: Lake Malawi..   (More) 


The Driver’s Bar in the town of San Juan de los Remedios, in the northern Cuban province of Villa Clara, has a 1950’s retro look, thanks to the mural behind the bar. While they serve beer, mojitos and sandwiches to locals and visitors alike, the Bar is a magnet for curious photographers and art lovers.    (More) 




   Spring 2018 Issue  

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Ethiopia has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. Twelve African countries later, it was finally time. As I would find out, it has a lot of similarities to other African countries with the abundance of wildlife, indigenous culture and stunning landscapes. But what makes it stand out is that the country can trace its long-recorded history back millennia.     (More)


Follow an Ox to Zenkoji! This sage advice is explained by a legendary Japanese fable. We stood before the main hall of the 7th Century Zenkoji Temple in the city of Nagano as our guide related the story of the old, faithless woman who lived in a small village nearby.    (More)


Portugal has garnered a lot of positive attention in recent years. It’s been on the top of travel lists everywhere; tourism has seen record numbers for six years in a row, and even Madonna has decided to make Portugal her home.   (More)


Two hours after leaving the booming metropolis of Shanghai, we parked at the entrance of Wuzhen, fondly called by some of its admirers the ’Venice of the East.’ In a few moments, we had climbed into a pole-steered large barge that ploughed the waterways of Wuzhen - the last of China’s ‘water towns’ to be opened to visitors.    (More)  


AmaWaterways  Avalon  Azamara  Carnival  Celebrity  Costa  Crystal  Cunard  Disney  Holland-America  Hurtigruten  MSC  Norwegian  Oceania  Ponant  Princess  Regent  Royal-Caribbean  Scenic  Seabourn  SeaDream  Silversea  Star-Clippers  Uniworld  Viking  Windstar       (More)


I had a wondrous opportunity to experience the Crown Princess this past December, on one of the first weeklong sailings back to the Eastern Caribbean following the disastrous hurricanes earlier in the fall of 2017. The experience was an eight-day sail, beginning in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and porting in St. Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, St. Thomas and Grand Turk.   (More)


There’s an expression: “Once you drink from the Nile you are destined to return.”    (More)


It's one of the most common cruising questions: When is the best time to cruise Alaska (or the Caribbean, Canada/New England, Hawaii or Europe)?   (More)


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Northern Arctic Europe is a living paradox—physically defined by the contrast of the unceasing darkness of its winters and the perpetual light of its summers, when the midnight sun rests contently in the sky.  (More)


In recent times, Ubud has emerged as a bonafide hotspot in Indonesia offering tourists much to see and do and even acts as Bali’s cultural hub. Known for its traditional crafts and dances, visitors are often spoilt for choice when setting their itineraries.   (More)


When travelers picture Namibia, the southern African country that sits on the eastern coast of the continent right above South Africa, they likely imagine sprawling sand dunes of the Namib Desert that the country is so famous for.    (More)


Hanoi is a thousand-year old city that truly represents the heart and soul of Vietnam. In just a week, you can immerse yourself deeply into its culture, without leaving exhausted or regretting not seeing everything.   (More)


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New Orleans has a cousin, and her name is Mobile. She’s cool and quirky, artsy but down-to-earth, and has a love of fun times and good food that is true to her French roots.  (More)


Ireland is one of those magical places on earth where the land of make-believe becomes real if only for a moment. Case in point: The brooding edifice that sits atop Kilmantin Hill in County Wicklow is out of this world.    (More) 


I first heard about Guatemala when I was a young girl and received Guatemalan worry dolls as a gift. According to the legend, you tell your worries to the dolls, place them under your pillow and by morning, the dolls will have taken all of your problems away. I remember looking at these cute little worry managers, thinking that I would like to visit Guatemala one day. Any culture that wanted to help me with my problems was one I wanted to check out.   (More) 


Last year my family and I spent our winter vacation in St. Petersburg, Florida. However, when it came to shopping and dining, we found ourselves making the 30 minute commute to Tampa on a fairly regular basis. We liked what we saw and were sure to make it our base this time around.    (More) 

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