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   Summer 2017 Issue  

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Christopher Columbus slept here! Holguin Province in Cuba’s southeast has three sites that claim to be the place where Admiral Christopher Columbus landed his three ships; the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria. In Guardalavaca, there is a statue of Columbus by the ocean. In Gibara, tour guides tell the tale of the three ships being stranded in a storm and forced to settle in that area for a number of weeks.    (More)


For thousands of years, silk has been a commodity that has connected China with the far-reaching parts of the world. Whether through traders, sellers or diplomats, the sale of silk is part and parcel of Chinese cultural and social heritage.    (More)


“Think this is beautiful? Just wait till you get to the top,” said Emile Lavoie, a Sherbrooke, QC native who now makes his home in Golden. “It’s an infinity pool of mountains.”    (More)


Take the guided tour of this stunning palace for a chance to survey the city skyline during the day or at night. Once the tallest building in South America, Palacio Barolo is a magnificent piece of architecture whose design was influenced by Dante’s Divine Comedy.  


AmaWaterways  Avalon  Azamara  Carnival  Celebrity  Costa  Crystal  Cunard  Disney  Holland-America  Hurtigruten  MSC  Norwegian  Oceania  Ponant  Princess  Regent  Royal-Caribbean  Scenic  Seabourn  SeaDream  Silversea  Star-Clippers  Uniworld  Viking  Windstar       (More)


Cuba has resided at the top of my travel bucket list for as long as I can remember. Maybe it has something to do with my affinity with Dirty Dancing, in my opinion one of the most exquisite movies of all time. Or perhaps it has something to do with the fascinating contrast between how different our cultures are and yet how close our geography. Even more, it could be the the people, the history, the revolutionary spirit lingering in the air, the lack of advertisements saturating the cityscapes.  (More)


An inaugural cruise: The phrase brings to mind the exclusive nature of glamorous champagne christenings, celebrity godmothers and brand-new ship features and amenities. Avid cruisers add these voyages to the top their vacation lists, due to the many perks and bonuses of the sailings.   (More)


Cruising is one of the most popular ways to travel the world, with more than 20 million people heading for the seas each year. But, armed with images of bland food buffets and overcrowded ports, some still view cruising as a shameful stain on real travel. Here at Tully Luxury Travel, our experts have been cruising for three decades and sending our clients on dazzling holidays around the world on ships of all kinds.   (More)


Spain+ Hong Kong + Good-To-Go Travel Gear 
G Adventures + Melbourne + Leh-Ladakh + Johannesburg 
Turkey Medical + Trafalgar Travel + Tropical Tidbits 


Off-Radar & Fabulous Florida Fun

It’s summertime and a great season for a road trip throughout Florida. I’ve sleuthed out some new and very cool and off-radar things to do in the Sunshine State for this edition of Tropical Tidbits… so let’s go!   


When you’re a foodie who loves to try new beers and you see Ugly Pug Schwarzbier on the menu, you’re intrigued, to say the least. And this is exactly how I started my visit to Fredericksburg, a city of 11,000 in Texas Hill Country, about 70 minutes north of San Antonio or 90 minutes west of Austin.    (More)


Vimy Ridge is one of those haunting places that look beautiful from the outset. Surrounded by fields of green, the manicured lawn by the Douai Plain spreads over the rolling hillocks embraced by tall maple trees and at its epicentre stands the Canadian National Vimy Memorial, a jewel in the French countryside.    (More)


Travellers seeking that important connection with the destination they visit, need search no further. Winnipeg, Manitoba has been at the forefront of ‘connections’ for 6000 years.    (More)


El Nido Cove Resort and Spa, Philippines  Gangtey Lodge Spa, Bhutan  Winnipeg’s Fort Garry Hotel  Puntacana Resort & Club, DR                                    NYAH, Key West FL  The Collector Luxury Inn & Gardens, St. Augustine FL Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu and Le Germain Hotel Charlevoix, QC   (More)


Entering New York City is always a pleasure, whether for the first time or the 50th, and this would be the kids’ first visit and the first time in a city with skyscrapers. New York is so filled with energy that the ambiance pulls you right in and you can sometimes get lost in the shuffle!   (More)


James Turland told us about the ultimate Treasure Hunt where “You set your own rules and challenges never end”. He confessed that, “I can’t wait to get up tomorrow. It’s as if every day, someone shakes the dice, and it’s a whole new game”.    (More) 



   Spring 2017 Issue  

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Ever since I saw my first photo of the enchanting overwater bungalows of Tahiti, staying in one and visiting the South Pacific islands has been high on my bucket list.   (More)


Yukiaki Tenpaku has an excited glimmer in his eyes when he picks up, what appears to be a charred piece of wood, from a tray in his dark factory-showroom. In fact it’s a Bonito, related to Skipjack Tuna, that’s been recently cured and it’s about to change our lives!    (More)


For many people, the Maya ruins are the Yucatán Peninsula's greatest attraction, with their massive pyramids and palaces and amazing artistic and astronomical features. It’s rare for a visitor to have time in a single trip to explore every site.   (More)


A warm light appears in front of me. I peek over my shoulder. The sun has just come up over the horizon. By the time I grab my camera and ask Steffie to stop the vehicle, the sliver of sun is a big yellow glowing ball in a bright orange sky. The sun rises quickly at the equator.    (More)  


AmaWaterways  Avalon  Azamara  Carnival  Celebrity  Club-Med  Costa  Crystal  Cunard  Disney  Holland-America   MSC  Norwegian  Oceania Paul-Gauguin  Ponant  Princess  Regent  Royal Caribbean  Seabourn  SeaDream  Silversea   Uniworld   Viking  Windstar      (More)


Chasing Canada’s pig-tailed red headed darling wasn’t what I had in mind on a shore excursion through Anne of Green Gables country but I did.  (More)


Nothing says luxury quite like an exclusive experience, and with their pristine beaches, aquamarine waters and a variety of adventures both in the water and on the shore, a visit to a cruise line’s private island certainly qualifies.   (More)


Exploring the world from the comfort of a cruise ship is a memorable experience and today’s travelers have more choice than ever when it comes to affordable, yet luxurious, cruising.   (More)


Montréal + Himalaya Trail + Good-To-Go Travel Gear + Nimmo 
G Adventures + Toronto + Gujarat + Waterloo, ON + Durban
Hawaii + Turkish Airlines + Manitobah Mukluks 


Never have I encountered a country with as much contrast as Japan: thousands of years of tradition and the most futuristic of technology; hallowed shrines and Hello Kitty; seas of gray suits and the craziest of costume-like getups; welcoming and distant. You can experience this contrast throughout the entire country, but even also within a couple of city blocks as we found out on a visit to Nihonbashi, Tokyo, a city district just north of Ginza and Tokyo Station.    (More)


Best known as a “Diver’s Paradise”, Dutch Caribbean Bonaire is also one of the world’s best places to learn how to windsurf! With onshore steady trades and shallow crystal clear water, beginners will revel in this wonderful learning environment. Kids start young there, sometimes still in diapers! .     (More)


The painted sign on the wall above the open kitchen at Tintoque Restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico reads, “Los majores sueños son los que no te dejan dormir”. The translation is, “The best dreams are those that don’t let you sleep”. And the meaning refers to the riveting excitement of ideas and the energy of creative thoughts that keep us awake at night.   (More)


“The Great Wall of China! Of course, when I travel to China I am going to see that unparalleled creation of man. It’s one of my utmost dreams!” I remarked to a Canadian friend who advised me to place the Great Wall at the top of my travel itinerary. He smiled, “I am sure that you will never forget your trip to the Great Wall. I will always remember the first time that I climbed that Chinese landmark.”   (More)


Luxury Conrad Style, NYC   Gondwana Game Reserve, South Africa                    Westin Playa Bonita, Panama   Puntacana Resort & Club, DR                   Secrets Akumal Riviera Maya & Secrets Silversands Riviera Cancun
Don CeSar in St. Petersburg, FL  Le Parker Meridien New York and
The Trapp Family Lodge, VT 


Entering New York City is always a pleasure, whether for the first time or the 50th, and this would be the kids’ first visit and the first time in a city with skyscrapers. New York is so filled with energy that the ambiance pulls you right in and you can sometimes get lost in the shuffle!   (More)



If you are looking to spend some time on Florida’s Gulf Coast, then consider the St. Petersburg/Clearwater area.   (More)


Everyone’s heard of Scotland’s mythical beast, the Loch Ness Monster, and of course, there’s Big Foot AKA Sasquatch. But Northern Michigan has a legendary creature of its own, which we learned about one very dark night.  (More)


 Winter 2016-17 Issue   

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I normally jump, well maybe not jump in the skydiving or bungee sense, but certainly embrace opportunities to try new experiences. Edgewalk outside the CN Tower? Sure. Munch on Chapulines, fried grasshoppers, in Mexico? Why not?    (More)


Noboru Shibata set the sashimi platter before us at Wasuke, his seafood Izakaya located in Tokyo’s Kappabashi district. The colourful arrangement verged on symmetrical perfection, with delicate, meaty slices of mackerel, tuna, octopus, yellowtail and Kuro Soi (Black Rock Fish) interspersed between small mounds of white ginger, green wasabi, radish and seaweed, with garnishes of hojiso (perilla), two tiny red Japanese maple leaves, and even a small yellow flower.    (More)


Everyone knows the Big Island of Hawai‘i has beaches and sunshine. But the island is so much more than its unbelievably good weather. It’s not hard to get off the beaten path here: the majority of the Big Island offers seclusion and adventure with easy access.   (More)


Calling it "the gem of the world", the 9th century German nun, Hrosvitha went on to describe Córdoba, Arab Spain's capital: "In the western part of the globe, there shone forth a beautiful ornament - a city well cultured - rich and known by the famous name of Córdoba, illustrious because of its charms and renowned for all resources, especially abounding in the seven streams of knowledge, and ever famous for continual victories."     (More)  


AmaWaterways  Avalon  Azamara  Carnival  Celebrity  Club-Med  Costa  Crystal  Cunard  Disney  Holland-America   MSC  Norwegian  Oceania Paul-Gauguin  Ponant  Princess  Regent  Royal Caribbean  Seabourn  SeaDream  Silversea   Uniworld   Viking  Windstar      (More)


Founded by the Swan family in 1988, Adventure Canada is supported by the people who work for them, their passion for delivering unsurpassed experiences, and creating trips that offer travellers exploration, education and enjoyment. There are many cruises to choose from, including Narwhals & Polar Bears, the Mighty Saint Lawrence and Heart of the Arctic to name just a few of the more than dozen available. Our trip, the Circumnavigation of Newfoundland, proved to be everything advertised and more!   (More)


Beneath the sun-kissed azure waters, schools of iridescent angelfish, damsel fish, and rainbow wrasses glide though the coral reefs that teem with clusters of anemones and sea cucumbers. Above the speckled blue sea, piercing squeals from a pod of dolphins is the early morning wake up call. In a New York minute, the entire boat load arrives on deck to discover a bluenose playing on the bow wake. Welcome to the Sea of Cortés otherwise dubbed “The Galapagos of Mexico.”    (More)


Exploring the world from the comfort of a luxury cruise liner is an unforgettable experience. Breathtaking views, exciting port excursions and one-of-a-kind onboard experiences are all trademarks of the new standard in luxury cruising.  (More)


I planned to take my mother on a European river cruise for her 80th birthday last fall and I also wanted some alone time with her just to reconnect as we live in different cities. After perusing the many interesting European itineraries Viking Cruises has to offer, I settled on their Portugal River of Gold. Though this cruise focuses on Portugal’s port and wine region along the Douro river, I didn’t choose it for that reason- neither of us are really big wine enthusiasts - I really chose it for the weather.    (More)


The city of Nanjing has played a significant role in the history and development of China, having served as the country’s capital on 10 occasions since ancient times. Today, Nanjing’s historical sites seamlessly meld with modern architecture, sophisticated cultural attractions, and a cosmopolitan vibe, offering travelers a perspective on China beyond the traditional tourist route. Nanjing is incredibly accessible by high speed rail via a 90-minute trip from Shanghai and a three and a half hour trip from Beijing.     (More)


Hong Kong + Scotland + Good-To-Go Travel Gear +  G Adventures + Broadway Show Hamilton  + Ethiopia + Amalfi + Wildwood + Topdeck Travel + Luxury Gold (More) 


What’s new on Aruba? Lots!

I often visit Aruba to sleuth out what’s new to enlighten my readers so that they can get a true picture of the “One Happy Island” vibe. So this edition is all about one of my favourite tropical spots and what to check out on island now.


‘Cienfuegos Passion’ seemed to be an apt description of the city founded by Don José Cienfuegos at the turn of the century. But in this case, the ‘passion’ referred to the name of the welcome drink concocted by the staff at Club Cienfuegos on our first day in Eastern Cuba. Fresh pineapple juice, coconut liqueur, rum, curacao and grenadine provided a refreshing and sweet way to recuperate from our early morning flight to Santa Clara. The Zarzuela de Mariscos, a delicious seafood stew of lobster, shrimp and fish followed.   (More)


The New B Historic Hotel - Savannah, Delta Chelsea - Toronto, The Austria Collection, Puntacana Resort & Club - DR, Secrets Papagayo - Costa Rica
Dreams Las Mareas - Costa Rica, Fern Resort - Ontario, Hoshinoya Tokyo and SpringHill Suites. 


I am obsessed with travel. I read the magazines, watch the TV shows, follow the bloggers, and click on all of the top 10 lists that I see on social media. I am always in the process of planning, going on or coming home from some type of trip. And when I go, I want to make the most of it. One of my favourite ways to travel is to go local and really learn about the place, the people and the culture – hands on, up close, feet on the ground.  (More)


South America’s second largest country is a rollercoaster ride of passion and suaveness that rubs off on even the most resilient of visitors. The cities of Buenos Aires and Córdoba offer only the fast lane, yet being on-time may as well be a crime. The humid north offers arguably the world’s most spectacular waterfalls, while the glaciers and snow-capped mountains of the beautiful Patagonian south gleam as if frozen in time. Throughout the country you will find a wealth of proud and friendly locals who will insist that their famous steak and wine is the world’s best. Many visitors find it hard to disagree.  (More)


  Fall 2016 Issue   

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It is a long flight to the other side of the world, but it is a small sacrifice for a true world traveler and after landing, we were greeted by our guides from Triyaka tours and began our trip with a drive through Thailand’s northern metropolis, Chiang Mai.   (More)


Located in North Germany, Worpswede is a charming small town tucked away in the countryside. More precisely, it is situated in the legendary “Teufelsmoor” – Devil Moors, northeast of Bremen, near Weyerberg Hill and has been the home to a lively artistic community since the end of the 19th century, with over 130 artists and craftsmen in residence there.   (More)


Once known mainly for its museums and palaces, Madrid’s cityscape is changing. Madrid is working hard to make itself more livable, and the lively city of today has enough street-singing, bar-hopping, and people-watching vitality to give any visitor a boost of youth..   (More)


Sake Yasiro is a small bar in the Sannomiya District of Kobe city, where dinner reservations are a must. However, if you arrive in the afternoon, they may be able to assign a table with a time limit so you can check out all the sakes in the display case and order your favourite otokozake, literally ‘man’s sake”.     (More)  


AmaWaterways  Avalon  Azamara  Carnival  Celebrity  Club-Med  Costa  Crystal  Cunard  Disney  Holland-America   MSC  Norwegian  Oceania Paul-Gauguin  Ponant Princess  Regent  Royal Caribbean  Seabourn  SeaDream  Silversea   Uniworld   Viking  Windstar      (More)


Viking River Cruises have taken all the guess work and hassles out of cruising and they create a comfortable, new way of traveling for many North Americans, and it is a truly perfect way to travel. From the pick-up at the airport to destination debarkation, the trip is seamless.   (More)


The sight of the Danube River took Mummy’s breath away. We had finally returned to her hometown of Budapest, a city she holds dear to her heart.   (More)


Best Cruises for Multigenerational Travel & Expedition Cruising Offers Inside Access to Europe (More)


Today as yesterday, Venice’s fortunes float on the unending tide of tourists who flood the world’s most famous floating city. These travelers, many from the imposing cruise ships, snap countless photos of the unwavering Grand Canal as it slinks like a lazy serpent with its meandering S-shape oblivious to the waves of 21st century sensibilities.    (More)


Fujian is a southeastern Chinese province known for its mountains and coastal cities, and is traditionally described as "Eight parts mountain, one part water, and one part farmland”.    (More)


Sicily + Ireland + Good-To-Go Travel Gear + Best Caribbean Beaches 
G Adventures +  Cape Breton + Broadway Show ‘Waitress’ +
Tours of a Lifetime - India 


It keeps astounding me how often I notice the little distinctions in the countries I visit. Travelling the rural roads of India is a journey in itself. Villages popping up when least expected would force us to slow down as the locals would criss-cross the street in calm disorder, oblivious to traffic even though the 2 lane highway we were travelling on is the lifeblood of most of these villages!   (More)


The tiny island of Nevis is attracting a lot of attention these days as the birthplace of founding father Alexander Hamilton since the Broadway musical has become such a hot ticket.  (More)


As home to more than half the world’s population of endangered mountain gorillas, Uganda often tops the bucket lists of travel enthusiasts seeking to come face to face with a majestic silverback in the wild.   (More)


Annecy is located in the Haute-Savoie department in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region in southeastern France. Blessed with natural beauty, history and activities, this town has plenty to offer the World Traveler.    (More)


Gleneagles - Scotland, Puntacana Resort & Club - DR, the Hilton Garden Inn in, Hawaii, Viamede Resort - Ontario, The historic Algonquin - NYC and Meliá’s beautiful properties in Cuba.   (More)


Tom Castanos stands waste deep in what he refers to as the Mother Ditch and explains that because of this irrigation canal or ‘acequia’ the city of San Antonio is here today.  (More)


“The most wonderful thing about Door County is the perfect combination of wilderness and civilization,” reads a quote from the 1969 March issue of National Geographic. It is an article that would forever change this corner of Wisconsin, located on a 70-mile peninsula with Lake Michigan to the east and Green Bay to the west.   (More)


There’s a saying amongst birdwatchers that “birding is not a destination, it’s a journey”. However, for birds, birders and travelers in general who seek an inspiring vacation in an equally inspiring destination, you may be surprised to discover that the journey to Ontario’s Southwest provides enticing, exciting and energizing options that include not only one of the greatest bird migration areas in all of North America, but also family fun, adventure, artisanal foods, cheeses, craft beers, wines, chocolates, ultra-friendly locals, and more.    (More)


Two words. Apparently that’s all it takes to order the City of Brotherly Love’s most famous sandwich. But I’m still worried as I stand in line at Pat’s, Philly’s iconic cheesesteak establishment, which has been operating since 1932.  (More)


Established in 2006, this Hong-Kong based airline is recognized for the warmth of its service and the quality of its onboard offering. With one of the youngest fleets in the world, they are proud of their motto, “Fresh and Very Hong Kong”.  (More) 

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