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 Winter 2017-18 Issue  

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The Yucatan is so close to home yet has been elusive for ages. It was a long-awaited visit and first impressions were fabulous and long lasting.    (More)


It was 1:03 am, but Bangkok was as alive as ever. An immense sense of excitement canceled out the jetlag I felt, as I stood on my 49th floor balcony of the five-star Chatrium Hotel. I had an aerial view of this metropolis of grandeur, the traditional long-tail boats drifting down the river and street vendors selling their homemade pad Thai. The rhythm of this city is like none I have experienced. I smiled.     (More)


This would be my third visit to this wonderful city. I feel that I have been very lucky to have spaced out my trips and seen it develop over time. My first was in my late teens, and since then I would rediscover some of my favourite places and note the great changes to this cosmopolitan capitol of Spain.   (More)


The heat is on! Those who delight in Japanese cuisine are familiar with freshly grated wasabi, that searing, light green, pungent paste that is often mixed with soy sauce, into which delicate slices of sashimi and sushi are immersed and then savoured.    (More)  


AmaWaterways  Avalon  Azamara  Carnival  Celebrity  Costa  Crystal  Cunard  Disney  Holland-America  Hurtigruten  MSC  Norwegian  Oceania  Ponant  Princess  Regent  Royal-Caribbean  Scenic  Seabourn  SeaDream  Silversea  Star-Clippers  Uniworld  Viking  Windstar       (More)


This would be our third river cruise with Viking, this time through the wonderful region of Bordeaux. We looked forward to this trip as we have really appreciated our last two cruises, they were certainly memorable ones.   (More)


“Welcome aboard Miss Balsinger. Enjoy this glass of bubbly and may we assist you in settling in?” What a way to begin. I strolled the red carpet towards the majestic Seabourn Quest, docked delicately in the Stockholm harbor, ready to embark on a seven-day journey through the Baltics.   (More)


Cruise travel is becoming the vacation of choice around the world, quickly outpacing leisure or land-based travel. In fact, according to industry research, over the ten years from 2004 to 2014, global cruise vacations have grown faster in popularity than global land-based vacations by a 20 percent margin.    (More)


The World Tourism Alliance + Vienna + Good-To-Go Travel Gear 
World Expeditions + Ethiopia + Warner Brothers + Grand Roue
Turkish Airlines + The Travel Corporation + Tropical Tidbits 


As a seasoned travel writer specializing in the tropics, I know full well that island tourism boards hate it when you even mention the “H” word (hurricane). They much prefer if you use the words ‘tropical storm’ if you must mention it at all. But this past season there was no getting around it. Many major hurricanes ripped through the islands, and left many totally devastated. It was a season like no other.   (More)


At the foot of the Andes lies the town of Mendoza, the home of some of the most famous Argentinian wines. The region is actually home to 1500 different wineries. The city has a laid back feel and none ever seems to be in a rush. Clean and livable, this city is a stark contrast to the capital Buenos Aires.     (More)



When we travelled to Huangshan, like most tourists, the first thing on our agenda was Huangshan Mountain, also known as the Yellow Mountain, a UNESCO Heritage site. Properly the most famous of China’s mountains, it is much sought after by painters, photographers and poets.     (More)


Cartagena is a major port of call for cruise ships from across the globe, bringing around 350,000 visitors each year. Entry into the Bahía de Cartagena is a dramatic one, as the ships pass through ruins of old Spanish forts.     (More)


The Montage Beverly Hills - New China Hotels - Naia Resort and Spa           Puntacana Resort & Club, DR - Courtyard by Marriott in Ginza       


This was the perfect get-away. Start with a gorgeous, newly built resort on a secluded sandy beach with blue skies and hot sunny weather. Add to that some genuinely friendly Mexican hospitality, fabulous cuisine and beautiful natural surroundings and you get a vacation stay like no other.    (More)



The red and gold flag of Montenegro flutters in the breeze on the heights of the San Giovani Fortress, as you climb the last of the 1350 steep stone steps. From a small observation platform, the views from the base of the flag pole showcase Boka Katorska Bay on which the ancient city of Kotor lies...    (More) 


‘“Have you tried the pizza, yet?” my family asked whenever I phoned home on a recent visit to the Windy City. “Not yet,” I’d reply. “But I will.”    (More) 


From destinations on the rebound, to places where events and investments are making it more exciting or accessible to visit, the adventure pros at G Adventures have been combing through their list of trip destinations to forecast the hot spots and new spots for adventure in 2018. The result is a mix of destinations that blend some of the tourism industry’s perennial favourites, with up-and-coming contenders for the all-valuable tourist dollar.    (More) 


I recently had the privilege of traversing thorough Brazil and experiencing true magic in the Southern Hemisphere. Visiting its multiple cities is a great way to introduce yourself to the rich and fascinating culture of Brazil. But the truth is, once you venture to surrounding areas, you come to realize that each place bears a specific and nuanced charm that can be traced back to its respective beginnings.    (More) 


Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood are Brother Grimm’s fairy tales we’re all familiar with. But have you heard of the Town Musicians of Bremen? I hadn’t until I visit Bremen, a city located along the Weser River in northwest Germany. Both the tale and the city turn out to be charming.    (More) 


Not a lot of people were walking the streets of Dawson City at 6:30 am. In fact, many had just gone to sleep. This was the Discovery Days weekend, celebrating the discovery of gold on Rabbit Creek on August 16, 1896. The anticipation of finding more gold in the area and the wild dreams of sudden wealth resulted in the Creek being renamed “Bonanza Creek” only five days later.     (More) 


   Fall 2017 Issue  

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One of the nicest things about visiting San Francisco is that, although the city is “big” in terms of attractions and amenities, it is geographically small – only 49 square miles. Consequently, it is very easy to see and do a great many things in a short period of time.    (More)


As a typical Canadian snowbird, trading in our frigid Montreal winter for Australia’s 37°C summer has been my lifelong dream. This year, I was fortunate enough to turn that dream into a reality.     (More)


“Do you know the three most famous things in China?” Quickly, our Shanghai guide, answered himself. “Of course, you know the first! It’s the panda. As for the second, it’s the Sichuan women and the third are the men of Shanghai. I’m not kidding! Just look at me!”    (More)


In Croatia, you say “Živili” when you click glasses before drinking. It altruistically means “be filled with life” and in so many ways, this toast represents the exuberant Croatian travel experience: friendly people, great conversations, amazing sites, walkable cities, safety during all hours of the day and night, sunshine 300 days of the year, great food, wine and beer, and a ton of positive energy.    (More)  


AmaWaterways  Avalon  Azamara  Carnival  Celebrity  Costa  Crystal  Cunard  Disney  Holland-America  Hurtigruten  MSC  Norwegian  Oceania  Ponant  Princess  Regent  Royal-Caribbean  Scenic  Seabourn  SeaDream  Silversea  Star-Clippers  Uniworld  Viking  Windstar       (More)


Recently I had the privilege of spending a week aboard The Viking Sea, sailing in luxury and comfort from Barcelona to Lisbon. Although I am by no means a connoisseur, I have dabbled in my fair share of voyages over the years on a variety of different vessels—large boats, small boats, luxury boats, family boats. (Let’s just say I’ve seen a boatload).   (More)


For seasoned travelers looking for an experience that will challenge the senses and intellect, river cruises hold a timeless allure. These cruises offer a memorable blend of scenic river views with “slices of history” that reflect some of the most magnificent cultures in the world, according to the cruising experts at AllThingsCruise.com.  (More)


There are many exciting new trends constantly emerging in the travel industry. Here are some of the industry’s hottest trends that will create "wow" moments and memories that will last a lifetime.    (More)


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World Expeditions + Nicaragua + Washington DC + El Salvador 
Turkish Airlines + Trafalgar Travel + Tropical Tidbits 


Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta recently added a new incarnation of their signature Rock Spa® to the property, and trust me, it’s a very welcome addition indeed! I finally got to try their famous trademark Rhythm and Motion massage there- a unique vibrational treatment that also incorporates music and beats into the bed in a synced soundtrack.   (More)


Any serious scuba fan has heard of Bonaire, it’s a tiny outpost off the coast of Venezuela and the “B” of the Dutch Caribbean ABC Islands. But you need not be a diver to enjoy a visit there.    (More)



You wake to the roar of howler monkeys and the smell of locally grown coffee. Mug in hand, you pad barefoot out onto your front porch, breathing in air supercharged with green. You gaze out over waves breaking on the beach, or a steep-sided volcano across the valley, or scarlet macaws like flying rainbows winging toward the rainforest canopy.     (More)


About two months ago I received a meticulously wrapped package in the mail. And, as soon as I saw what it was--my two month Eurail Global Pass-- I knew an adventure was in store.     (More)


Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta  New China Hotels  The Hilton San Francisco  Puntacana Resort & Club, DR   Fox Harb’r Resort in Nova Scotia                AlSol’s Awesome Cap Cana Collection   Upscale Holidays Down Under


Iceland has seen a huge boom in tourism in the past year, with projected figures for 2017 in the region of 2 million visitors, according to The Iceland Monitor, an English language news and information site (http://icelandmonitor.mbl.is). In spite of high prices and erratic weather, especially in the summer, Iceland is a hot spot, both literally and figuratively.    (More)



With a shovel in hand on an island once covered in coconut groves there I was digging a hole for one lonely coconut whose mission it will be to grow to maturity and bear fruit.    (More) 



   Summer 2017 Issue  

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Christopher Columbus slept here! Holguin Province in Cuba’s southeast has three sites that claim to be the place where Admiral Christopher Columbus landed his three ships; the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria. In Guardalavaca, there is a statue of Columbus by the ocean. In Gibara, tour guides tell the tale of the three ships being stranded in a storm and forced to settle in that area for a number of weeks.    (More)


For thousands of years, silk has been a commodity that has connected China with the far-reaching parts of the world. Whether through traders, sellers or diplomats, the sale of silk is part and parcel of Chinese cultural and social heritage.    (More)


“Think this is beautiful? Just wait till you get to the top,” said Emile Lavoie, a Sherbrooke, QC native who now makes his home in Golden. “It’s an infinity pool of mountains.”    (More)


Take the guided tour of this stunning palace for a chance to survey the city skyline during the day or at night. Once the tallest building in South America, Palacio Barolo is a magnificent piece of architecture whose design was influenced by Dante’s Divine Comedy.  


AmaWaterways  Avalon  Azamara  Carnival  Celebrity  Costa  Crystal  Cunard  Disney  Holland-America  Hurtigruten  MSC  Norwegian  Oceania  Ponant  Princess  Regent  Royal-Caribbean  Scenic  Seabourn  SeaDream  Silversea  Star-Clippers  Uniworld  Viking  Windstar       (More)


Cuba has resided at the top of my travel bucket list for as long as I can remember. Maybe it has something to do with my affinity with Dirty Dancing, in my opinion one of the most exquisite movies of all time. Or perhaps it has something to do with the fascinating contrast between how different our cultures are and yet how close our geography. Even more, it could be the the people, the history, the revolutionary spirit lingering in the air, the lack of advertisements saturating the cityscapes.  (More)


An inaugural cruise: The phrase brings to mind the exclusive nature of glamorous champagne christenings, celebrity godmothers and brand-new ship features and amenities. Avid cruisers add these voyages to the top their vacation lists, due to the many perks and bonuses of the sailings.   (More)


Cruising is one of the most popular ways to travel the world, with more than 20 million people heading for the seas each year. But, armed with images of bland food buffets and overcrowded ports, some still view cruising as a shameful stain on real travel. Here at Tully Luxury Travel, our experts have been cruising for three decades and sending our clients on dazzling holidays around the world on ships of all kinds.   (More)


Spain+ Hong Kong + Good-To-Go Travel Gear 
G Adventures + Melbourne + Leh-Ladakh + Johannesburg 
Turkey Medical + Trafalgar Travel + Tropical Tidbits 


Off-Radar & Fabulous Florida Fun

It’s summertime and a great season for a road trip throughout Florida. I’ve sleuthed out some new and very cool and off-radar things to do in the Sunshine State for this edition of Tropical Tidbits… so let’s go!   


When you’re a foodie who loves to try new beers and you see Ugly Pug Schwarzbier on the menu, you’re intrigued, to say the least. And this is exactly how I started my visit to Fredericksburg, a city of 11,000 in Texas Hill Country, about 70 minutes north of San Antonio or 90 minutes west of Austin.    (More)


Vimy Ridge is one of those haunting places that look beautiful from the outset. Surrounded by fields of green, the manicured lawn by the Douai Plain spreads over the rolling hillocks embraced by tall maple trees and at its epicentre stands the Canadian National Vimy Memorial, a jewel in the French countryside.    (More)


Travellers seeking that important connection with the destination they visit, need search no further. Winnipeg, Manitoba has been at the forefront of ‘connections’ for 6000 years.    (More)


El Nido Cove Resort and Spa, Philippines  Gangtey Lodge Spa, Bhutan  Winnipeg’s Fort Garry Hotel  Puntacana Resort & Club, DR                                    NYAH, Key West FL  The Collector Luxury Inn & Gardens, St. Augustine FL Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu and Le Germain Hotel Charlevoix, QC   (More)


Entering New York City is always a pleasure, whether for the first time or the 50th, and this would be the kids’ first visit and the first time in a city with skyscrapers. New York is so filled with energy that the ambiance pulls you right in and you can sometimes get lost in the shuffle!   (More)


James Turland told us about the ultimate Treasure Hunt where “You set your own rules and challenges never end”. He confessed that, “I can’t wait to get up tomorrow. It’s as if every day, someone shakes the dice, and it’s a whole new game”.    (More) 



   Spring 2017 Issue  

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Ever since I saw my first photo of the enchanting overwater bungalows of Tahiti, staying in one and visiting the South Pacific islands has been high on my bucket list.   (More)


Yukiaki Tenpaku has an excited glimmer in his eyes when he picks up, what appears to be a charred piece of wood, from a tray in his dark factory-showroom. In fact it’s a Bonito, related to Skipjack Tuna, that’s been recently cured and it’s about to change our lives!    (More)


For many people, the Maya ruins are the Yucatán Peninsula's greatest attraction, with their massive pyramids and palaces and amazing artistic and astronomical features. It’s rare for a visitor to have time in a single trip to explore every site.   (More)


A warm light appears in front of me. I peek over my shoulder. The sun has just come up over the horizon. By the time I grab my camera and ask Steffie to stop the vehicle, the sliver of sun is a big yellow glowing ball in a bright orange sky. The sun rises quickly at the equator.    (More)  


AmaWaterways  Avalon  Azamara  Carnival  Celebrity  Club-Med  Costa  Crystal  Cunard  Disney  Holland-America   MSC  Norwegian  Oceania Paul-Gauguin  Ponant  Princess  Regent  Royal Caribbean  Seabourn  SeaDream  Silversea   Uniworld   Viking  Windstar      (More)


Chasing Canada’s pig-tailed red headed darling wasn’t what I had in mind on a shore excursion through Anne of Green Gables country but I did.  (More)


Nothing says luxury quite like an exclusive experience, and with their pristine beaches, aquamarine waters and a variety of adventures both in the water and on the shore, a visit to a cruise line’s private island certainly qualifies.   (More)


Exploring the world from the comfort of a cruise ship is a memorable experience and today’s travelers have more choice than ever when it comes to affordable, yet luxurious, cruising.   (More)


Montréal + Himalaya Trail + Good-To-Go Travel Gear + Nimmo 
G Adventures + Toronto + Gujarat + Waterloo, ON + Durban
Hawaii + Turkish Airlines + Manitobah Mukluks 


Never have I encountered a country with as much contrast as Japan: thousands of years of tradition and the most futuristic of technology; hallowed shrines and Hello Kitty; seas of gray suits and the craziest of costume-like getups; welcoming and distant. You can experience this contrast throughout the entire country, but even also within a couple of city blocks as we found out on a visit to Nihonbashi, Tokyo, a city district just north of Ginza and Tokyo Station.    (More)


Best known as a “Diver’s Paradise”, Dutch Caribbean Bonaire is also one of the world’s best places to learn how to windsurf! With onshore steady trades and shallow crystal clear water, beginners will revel in this wonderful learning environment. Kids start young there, sometimes still in diapers! .     (More)


The painted sign on the wall above the open kitchen at Tintoque Restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico reads, “Los majores sueños son los que no te dejan dormir”. The translation is, “The best dreams are those that don’t let you sleep”. And the meaning refers to the riveting excitement of ideas and the energy of creative thoughts that keep us awake at night.   (More)


“The Great Wall of China! Of course, when I travel to China I am going to see that unparalleled creation of man. It’s one of my utmost dreams!” I remarked to a Canadian friend who advised me to place the Great Wall at the top of my travel itinerary. He smiled, “I am sure that you will never forget your trip to the Great Wall. I will always remember the first time that I climbed that Chinese landmark.”   (More)


Luxury Conrad Style, NYC   Gondwana Game Reserve, South Africa                    Westin Playa Bonita, Panama   Puntacana Resort & Club, DR                   Secrets Akumal Riviera Maya & Secrets Silversands Riviera Cancun
Don CeSar in St. Petersburg, FL  Le Parker Meridien New York and
The Trapp Family Lodge, VT 


Entering New York City is always a pleasure, whether for the first time or the 50th, and this would be the kids’ first visit and the first time in a city with skyscrapers. New York is so filled with energy that the ambiance pulls you right in and you can sometimes get lost in the shuffle!   (More)



If you are looking to spend some time on Florida’s Gulf Coast, then consider the St. Petersburg/Clearwater area.   (More)


Everyone’s heard of Scotland’s mythical beast, the Loch Ness Monster, and of course, there’s Big Foot AKA Sasquatch. But Northern Michigan has a legendary creature of its own, which we learned about one very dark night.  (More)

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